Don't wait for the call review - conquer obstacles in real time.
Make sure your sales reps have the right information at the right time with Copilot's conversation cue cards.
Why Copilot?
47% of managers spend less than 30 minutes per week coaching
Sales reps forget 60% of coaching after a week
Orgs that invest in coaching generate 17% more revenue
Coach your sales team at scale - in real-time
Stay in-the-know with automatic call recording and analysis.
Cue Cards
Close more deals with cue cards shown live during conversations.
Live Transcription
Always be aware with live call transcriptions.
Never lose context with linked notes and transcripts.
Contextual phrase matching
Share the most effective talking points across your sales team.
Real-time results
Don't wait until it's too late to give your reps the right information.
Trusted By Sales Leaders
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